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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All our products are backed by a warranty exchange for a period of one full year. Problems occur from time to time and we want to assure you that appropriate action will be taken to replace the cartridge with one that works properly.


Cartridges, refill kits unopened may be returned within 365 days from the date of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price or a credit of the purchase price for an exchange . Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable.


If you are not satisfied with your compatible cartridge or if you find it defective, you can return within 365 days from the date of purchase for a replacement cartridge or a full refund of the price purchase. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable. Contact us at (514) 962-9855 Wed to Sat: 10am - 5pm Thu - Fri 10H - 21H to organize a replacement or return.


Shipping is not refundable except in cases where there is an error in packaging. The following statement applies to orders where customers received free shipping: Customers receiving free shipping will be credited the full purchase price of all products returned less $ 8.95 for shipping if their order total is returned to a refund.


Customers returning items can expect to be refunded by the same method they used to pay, in the space of 7-15 working days from the date we receive the return.


If you ordered the wrong product or if you purchased a new printer and the product you previously bought does not fit with your new printer, then you can exchange the product as long as it is sealed and falls in our return policy for one year. If the box has been damaged, broken or open any sealed, we can not accept this product for an exchange.

If you want to return any of our products for an exchange or for a refund, please send them to the address below. Be sure to fill out the form referenced here and write your order number on the outside of the return package. Please indicate on the return form if you would like a refund or exchange for the items you are returning. Refunds are credited back to the payment method we have on file. If you want to exchange your product, we will credit the payment method we have on file and we will place a new order using the same method of payment. A new order number will be issued and an email will be sent to the closure of our day. All returns and exchanges products back to us, are processed, credited or redirected in the space of 7-10 working days.

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We only accept products that are returned for an exchange or refund for 365 days after purchase. Only products purchased from Dr. Ink.ca can be returned for an exchange and unopened products must be in a sealed condition. Dr. Ink.ca is not responsible for products sent to us and exceeded our warranty period or not ordered from our company. If we receive products that are not eligible for a refund or replacement will be sent to a recycling center. Please be sure to contact us at (514) 962-9855 Wed to Sat: 10am - 5pm Thu - Fri 10H - 21H prior to returning any product.