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Resetting Tips & Tricks

Canon Cartridges 210/211 240/241 245/246

Low Ink Warnings / No Printing Allowed

As the electronics in the Canon ink cartridge and the printer communicate with each other, sometimes the printer will incorrectly identify an ink cartridge as empty or non-functional, and printing will not be allowed.  Typically, the printer’s Power/Ink level light will be blinking or an error message may be displayed (i.e. “Ink Has Run Out”) during the error condition.

To reset the Canon 210/211 (210XL, 211XL), 240/241 (240XL, 240XXL, 241XL), or 245/246 (245XL, 246XL) cartridge’s ink low alert condition (blinking or illuminated ink lamps) perform the following ink reset procedures:

Standard Ink Level Reset Procedure:


1) Install cartridge and start print job.


2) After first message appears, click ‘OK’ to continue. Printer should start printing.


3) If second message appears and printer’s LCD screen displays error code “E”, then DO NOT click ‘CANCEL PRINTING’.

4) Press and hold down ‘Stop/Reset’ (or ‘Stop/Resume‘) button (triangle-circle icon) on your printer for 5-8 seconds until the ink low indicators turn off or printer LCD displays a “1”