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How to reset Brother Toner Cartridge TN-630 TN-660

 By resetting your Brother printer's page counter, you can avoid having to reset your cartridge's flag gear or install one on a starter cartridge. Resetting the page counter is often easier than resetting the cartridge's gear as it requires no disassembly. This procedure is also highly recommended before refilling so as to extend the life of your cartridge, making full use of the toner inside for additional cost savings.

For the Brother DCP/MFC Series printers:
1. Open the front toner compartment door.
2. The printer screen should read “front cover is open”.
3. Press the “clear” button on the printer’s front panel.
4. Printer will say “Replace Drum?”
5. Here do not press 1 but instead type in “*00” on the keypad. Star zero zero.
6. The screen will say “Accepted”. Close the door and it will reset the low toner message.

For the Brother HL Series printers:
1. Open front door.
2. Turn off printer.
3. While holding down the GO button, turn printer back on.
4. When all four LEDs light up release GO button. All LEDs will turn off.
5. Press the GO button 2 times. The 3 LEDs (toner, drum, paper) will light up solid.
6. Press the GO button 5 times.
7. Paper light will be blinking.
8. At this point the toner end-of-life condition has been reset. Close front door.


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